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Enadoc is a mobile-ready document management system that allows you to manage your documents securely on cloud and transition to a paperless environment.

Start your Digitization Journey with Enadoc

Documents Support Every Business Process and Managing them Securely is Required by Law.

Document loss due to misfiling, accidents, or fraud is bad for business. It exposes your business to host of issues and pitfalls susceptible to privacy breaches, security risks, errors, and vulnerability to sudden disasters.

Back up your documents in the cloud and keep them secured as long as required. Go for compliance and start your digitization journey with Enadoc.

Why should you get a document management system?

We are expertise in helping the following areas:

Enadoc has intuitive document search options: tag-cloud search, full-text search, metadata/keyword search, and advanced search. With these, users can easily customize the default search results from views, including thumbnail, full-page, and lists. Also, its on-screen document viewer supports common image formats for smart tagging such as PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, and multimedia types, while the solution can manage any standard document format.


Enadoc capture module facilitates document scan, indexing, and release using standard document scanners and mobile devices. In order to handle high volume, complex, and automated document capture requirements. Enadoc seamlessly integrates with industry-standard capture applications such as Kofax, Readsoft, and other standard-based systems.


With Enadoc, organizations have the flexibility to manage their digital records in a structured and logical manner. Libraries can be configured based on document classes, organizational structure, and to meet different business requirements.​ Enadoc Business Cloud is designed with industry-standard disaster recovery features and meets compliance.


The architecture of Enadoc enables seamless integration with external standard-based systems for image enabling, search results delivery, document capture/import, and BPM/Workflow reference management. Organizations can integrate Enadoc with their ERP/BPM or LOB using web services, applets, and XML.​


We level up business with more efficient teamwork. Do more for your business with increased collaboration and productivity. Easily share files and integrate with your company’s existing applications. Do more for your business with increased collaboration and productivity. Easily share documents with colleagues, clients, and partners.

Why Enadoc Enterprise?

Enterprises have more specific demands compared to SMBs.

Wider scope of workflows, more complex data and system infrastructures, and the growing need to comply to data-centric regulations are just some of these demands that need to be addressed.
But most of enterprises these days still rely on manual and risky Enterprise Content Management approach. Enadoc Enterprise is here to help.

Capture documents directly from scanner & Save time

Going paperless simplifies processes that in turn keep you from wasting resources. We streamline document management. No need to transfer the captured documents from one folder to another because these will be directly uploaded to its assigned library.

Increase collaboration and productivity

Be more productive — do away from back-and-forth correspondence and emails with large attachments. Simply give your colleagues the permission to access the documents they need.

Oranise, Search & Secure

Organize documents with just a few clicks: Create libraries before capturing documents, then store the documents in the libraries. Our robust security system guarantees the safety of your documents. Locate documents easier by clicking on the tag that contains all the keywords assigned to your documents. We ensure that a document is accessed only by the people who are given permissions.

Accelerate the success and remove technology constraints with Virtualware Innovations

Your documents serve as the backbone of the business. Without it, the whole organization becomes vulnerable to different types of risks, thus affecting business continuity. A mobile app available in iOs and Android. You can capture and store documents through your mobile phone, on the go.

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