We develop and implement bold, open-minded and novel solutions that meet the changing needs of the world of work. We pioneer in forecasting changes within operational conditions.


We are open, honest and ethical. Clients and employees are our partners, and we listen carefully to their needs. We are guided by a sense of social responsibility and stand up for fairness and diversity.


We are committed, hard-working and flexible. We seize opportunities and are always on the lookout for new ventures. Our enthusiasm and expertise are also visible to outsiders.


We deliver added value for our clients, employees and our company. We are productive, specialised and quick to act. Success and achievement inform everything we do.


As team experience professionals were started discussion on the new trend of the IT Consulting and Sales to make it more ethical and organized business with a human dimension.
Being witness to the destruction of the IT Sector in recent past with the recession. We felt a strong urge to help develop and re-build society with human dimension.
From the very beginning, they had a clear vision for how a responsible company should act and behave. They wished to ensure a long-term future for the company and the key to this was behaving decently and fairly – not just with clients but with each other

We have a multidisciplinary approach to what we do and what we aspire to achieve. We work to create a sustainable IT services where improved quality of product / process and feature enhancements are enabled by innovative and durable solutions to the most highly needs, challenges and concerns for businesses.

Performance, availability and scalability

Virtualware Innovations who offers the full range of consulting services, from strategic IT consulting, product development, system /cloud integration, artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, infrastructure management, customized software solutions to outsourcing, and training. We work with our clients to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs by applying the right mix of services.

We specialize in small to medium businesses in the human resource, finance, manufacturing, legal, technology and service sectors, plus we are one of the few IT consulting companies that specialize in the artificial intelligence, IoT and analytics.

Our flexible approach guarantees that short-term or long-term, onsite or offsite, we can provide the professional resources you need. No matter what your challenge, Virtualware Innovations Consulting services can help you get the most out of your resources. Throughout the project life cycles (project initiation, planning, execution of project, monitoring and controlling the project and closing), we provide full IT support and guidance to our clients.

We take a fully integrated multidisciplinary approach to our work. Specialised teams are assembled from across the entire Virtualware Innovations group to ensure that the strongest expertise is applied to each project.

We also offer a complete service by acting as trusted advisers to clients at every stage of the project life: from strategy development and planning to detailed design and execution. We provide our clients with the most qualified expertise to deliver the best solutions.


Automotive Engineering

We develop automotive solutions using the latest technology trends in enterprise mobility, machine learning, VR, and AR. Besides, our engineers have experience with innovative embedded systems that help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers transform vehicles into safe and connected extensions of the human beings. We combine automotive industry domain expertise with our capabilities in user interface design, mobility, social media, IoT and analytics to develop various Digital Automotive Experience applications, such as those targeted at new age consumers.

Construction Engineering

Transform into a next generation digital EPC organization that has visibility and control across the entire project lifecycle from bidding to design, procurement, construction and operations. Our technology, automation and integration services also cover telecom, security and plant infrastructure deployment, operational system integration across Information Systems. We build and operation through disruptive solutions for driving internal cost efficiencies and delivering next generation infrastructure through industry centric digital use cases.


Manufacturing companies globally are moving towards adapting emerging technologies whilst reducing the product’s time-to-market and improving cost efficiencies. Context aware products, connected services, intelligent supply chains, responsive manufacturing, along with the blurring boundaries between the physical and digital, will lead to a surge in adoption of digitized value chains. This requires high levels of innovation and efficiencies to transform manufacturing with automation, analytics and connectedness – which is at the core of Industry 4.0.

Travel & Hospitality

Create an accompanying app to make your guests’ stay even more comfortable. Use the application to keep your guests informed on latest news, provide booking, information, run a tour of your rooms, and introduce your staff. Our team has expertise in building modern solutions for travel and hospitality businesses for more than 10+ years. Our developers are qualified in designing clear and attractive products for different operating platforms. We help travel companies grow and improve management systems with smart platforms.

Aerospace & Defence

Solutions to help aerospace and defence companies develop new aerospace products, accelerate production, support aftermarket and embrace digital technologies. The Aerospace & Defence industry has been ahead of the curve in terms of the adoption of digital technologies. It has already leveraged technologies such as big data, mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We helps aerospace companies in large transformation with e-procurement, digitization of processes, product engineering, analytics and supply chain initiatives.

Energy & Utilities

We bring a full range of services for an energy & utilities transformation in a current digital world. We combine our deep industry expertise with digital innovation and leading-edge technology to bring unique end-to-end services to clients. Whether in power generation and transmission and distribution to energy retail and enterprise functions. We are helping the industry benefit from the shift to digital at scale and speed. With advanced technologies we can help energy and utility companies harness their data to increase efficiency and reduce expenditures.

Retail & FMCG

According to a recent industry research, retailers with exceptionally strong revenue growth already derive a higher percentage of their sales from digital channels. The race to digital transformation is on, and there is no time for delay. We can transform your business through technology, giving you a competitive advantage amid the disruption. Whether it's exceeding expectations, earning customer loyalty or rewiring the supply chain, retailers can benefit by adopting a fresh digital perspective.

Banking & Finance Services

Digital modernization gives traditional financial companies more than a second chance. Banking and financial services organizations are rewriting their futures with digital—and opening the door to new services. We help fast-growing Fintech companies to develop innovative solutions in the areas of financial technologies. Similarly, we are working with major technology firms operating in other areas by helping them to create financial applications to meet the rapidly changing expectations of its customers.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The digital economy is transforming the way payers, providers and health programs must operate. We are collaborating with technology companies that empower healthcare organizations with new solutions. We develop smart digital platforms and healthcare apps that are able to enhance patient’s outcomes offering cost-effective care and real-time data. We offer independent audits of your health platforms and systems to detect core issues and offer best-match enhancements

Our Partners

At Virtualware Innovations, strategic partnerships are one of the core pillars of our business strategy. We have long lasting relationships with our partners, and we follow winning together approach is aimed at delivering unparalleled value to our clients. We share common set of cultural values and drive common business objectives. Our partnership ecosystem helps create unique winning partnerships that offer mutual business growth opportunities, joint value driven by collaboration, executive commitment and thought leadership around future technologies.

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