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Optimize Your Workforce for Today and Prepare It for Tomorrow with Cloud-Based HR Software

Attract, develop, motivate, and manage your entire workforce with software as a service: flexible, scalable, and unique – just like your business.

We help our customers to gain traction rapidly. We broadly cover SuccessFactors implementation and integration projects supporting clients through industry best practices. No company bridges the gap between SAP HCM modules and cloud platform like we do. We bring in unparalleled expertise to manage business requests and support clients to get ahead of the competition in terms of performance, quality, usability and cost by driving profitability, reducing the risk of transformation during SuccessFactors deployment.

Our Strategic thinking, extensive industry experience, the proven project set up and execution methodology ensures continuous alignment to clients’ specific strategic needs. A global network of specialized SuccessFactors experts for addressing both the technical and non-technical aspects, including project architecture and functional design, quality gates in each dimension, migration and roll-out plans, and project support for managing change requests and resolving issues ranging from rapid deployment solutions to long-term SFSF / SuccessFactors integration support services.

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Employee Central & ECP

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central goes beyond basic automation to deliver a suite of applications for your most demanding business priorities. The next-generation core HR system (HRIS) is designed for the global enterprise workforce and delivered securely via the SAP SF cloud. Have more confident control of your payroll processes to ensure your workforce is paid accurately and on time. Our cloud-based HR payroll solution does this by supporting localized payroll processes for 40+ countries, and at the same time providing the insight, and flexibility you need to globally manage payroll..



Transform recruiting into a continuous, strategic part of your talent strategy with the only end-to end recruiting solution that helps you attract, engage and select better candidates and then measure the results. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting helps recruiters source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting provides intelligence and guidance along every step of recruiting – sourcing, marketing, and candidate management. With SAP SuccessFactors, recruiting is comprehensive and simple, ensuring recruiters and managers are quickly able to hire the best talent possible.Access global job distribution and sourcing analytics, optimize your career site for search engines, increase candidate flow, and stay on budget.



More than 80 percent of new employees decide whether or not to stay with a company within the first six months of being hired. Our cloud-based employee onboarding software can help you engage and retain more of your best talent with a personalized, interactive process that sets up them up for success from the start. Create a welcoming environment for new employees and internal transfers with an onboarding portal that connects them to the right information and people at the right time. Fast-track new-hire paperwork with step-by-step wizards, intuitive dashboards, and built-in electronic forms that can be filled out on any device. Provide seamless transitions for new hires, internal transfers, and those temporarily or permanently leaving the company. With visibility into the entire employee lifecycle, you can monitor progress, spot bottlenecks, and ensure compliance.


Learning Management

Improve business results, boost productivity, and increase organizational competitiveness with a learning solution that allows you to develop leaders, assure compliance, and train external audiences. Blended Learning Capabilities - Motivate learners to develop new skills with a blend of formal and informal learning capabilities. It allows organizations to provide training environments for their partners, customers, and extended business network – to drive revenues, and attract and satisfy customers.


Performance & Goal Management

Effectively managing employee performance has never been more critical. Your organization faces fierce competition and limited budgets, and must execute with razor-sharp focus or be left behind. To succeed, you need a workforce that clearly understands the strategic business objectives and can quickly adjust course as business needs evolve. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps your organization ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance, and accurately evaluate and recognize top talent.


Compensation & Variable Pay

With global competition for talent increasing, and with today’s business environment changing rapidly, an organization’s ability to attract and retain talent has become critical. To attract, motivate, and retain a highly skilled, diverse, and global workforce when budget resources are scarce, organizations need to take a more strategic approach to compensation planning and management. The SAP® SuccessFactors® Compensation solution transforms workforce compensation into a key component of your overall talent strategy. This strategic compensation management solution enables compensation professionals, business leaders, and managers to align compensation programs with business objectives.


Succession & Development

Identify, develop, and retain the talent you need to ensure your future success. Our cloud-based software can help you engage employees with meaningful development plans and career opportunities, close talent gaps with smart succession planning, and build up intellectual capital. Get the visibility and planning tools you need to spot and anticipate skills gaps. Search and nominate candidates to fill critical roles. And create and manage talent pools to support your future needs. Understand the strengths and potential of your workforce. With dynamic drag-and-drop calibration tools, talent profiles, and visual org charts.


Workforce Planning & HR Analytics

Make faster, more informed decisions by embedding intelligence into your end-to-end HR processes – with SF cloud-based people analytics and planning solutions. The power of human capital analytics embedded in all of your day-to-day HR processes – for faster, better decisions. Reduce hiring bias while increasing diversity. Address attrition and predict flight risks. Identify resource gaps – and use HR benchmarking data to guide development and training programs. Be prepared to execute your business strategy with the right people, with the right skills, at the right time and cost – now and in the future. At a time of global talent shortages and an aging workforce, effective workforce planning is more critical than ever. Improve HR decisions with trusted intelligence. Gain insight into challenges related to hiring, diversity, performance, leadership pipelines, turnover, and more. Quickly answer workforce questions – and easily share relevant trends and insights with HR dashboards, personalized headlines, and reports.