Cyber Sucurity - Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

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Virtualware Innovations is a partnering with globally recognized service providing consultants in Vulnerable Assessment and Penetration Testing. Established in 2017, Our cyber Security Consulting services offers the full gambit of cybersecurity services Data Governance & Protection, IT Audit & Assurance, Compliance Management, Vulnerability Management, January 2020, since then having traction with industry leaders and helping resolve problems in domains of Cyber Security, Data Governance & Protection, IT Audit & Assurance, and Compliance Management. We havechallenged the bygone technological and business outlook toward security domains.

Our society is more technologically reliant than ever before and there is no sign that this trend will slow down. With the ever-changing and dynamic cyberspace, our goal is to assist organizations globally- MSMEs, SMEs, Enterprises enhance their capabilities & effectiveness in Cyber Security, Minimize enterprise & IT Risks, Manage Security Operations &, to achieve Regulatory Compliances

Our Approach - Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing


PHASE (I)- Environment Assessment

In this phase our Cyber Security experts understand the IT landscape and scope of work in an organization. We do environment assessment and collate the information such as Network Architecture, Application Architecture, and other IT infrastructure related information. We provide project plan with time and effort estimate for end to end testing and remediation of the projects. Post approval & authorization from management we move to next phase.


PHASE (II) - Technical Assessment - VAPT

This phase includes through testing of the in-scope IT landscape, this is done in many ways like manual testing, automated testing or simulating red team exercises.

Automated Methods

Reporting & Rescanning

This phase we evaluate all the findings on basis of severity, impact, ease of exploitation and categorize the findings or vulnerabilities into Risk ratings of High, Medium, Low with explanations, proof of concepts, and remediation recommendations. Post fixes from the organization we conduct a revalidation test for findings /issues.



Common vulnerabilities found in testing

1. Malwares
2. Misconfigurations
3. Unpatched Softwares

Our Approach

A penetration test that is black box is conducted without the knowledge of any information related to the technical aspects of a network. This type of test requires penetration testers to conduct comprehensive network exploration in an effort to determine the best way to organize a simulated attack. It is a simulation of a more realistic exploit on a network. This method is used by businesses that want to stay on top of what hackers are capable of doing within a very short period of time.

A White Box penetration testing occurs when network professionals have gathered all data and information associated with a network and its architecture. This type of pen test is more like an audit and provides a comprehensive approach to security testing. This form of pen testing is used by businesses that want to ensure every single aspect of their network is as secure as possible.

This approach to penetration testing is performed according to internal information for a network including technical documents, user privilege credentials, and more. Based on the internal information collected, a highly sophisticated network attack can be launched to determine what can happen when hackers gain access to sensitive information. Grey Box pen tests are a common approach that provides detailed security testing that takes place over a shorter period of time than the more involved process of White Box pen tests. These are the main methodologies used in penetration testing. Other network monitoring tests such as intrusion detection, packet sniffing, and other methods are also often deployed to determine the status of network security.

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